About Us

Welcome to the world of Ahhh...Pots!


Ahhh...Pots is the latest addition to the great idea of fabric flower pots!

            "The pots came about almost accidently.  I belong the the group, Plumeria Pals.

         The subject of fabric pots came up, and members started looking for suitable

            fabric to make them.  I joined in on the search and found a promising fabric.  I

              sent the specs of the fabric to the group.  The members thought it looked great,

             and wanted to know if it was UV protected.  It was.  The next response from the

         group was, "This is it, let us know when you're ready to take orders!"  It took

                 me several weeks to come up with a design that I was happy with, then it took me

                   several more weeks to make the patterns for many different sizes of pots.  The first

              pots were brown, plain, and drab.  They needed dressed up, so I started looking

                for designs that would accent the pots well.  Now I had designer pots!  There are 

    13 different designs for the pots to date, in both black and brown, and the

                       sizes range from one gallon through 65 gallons.


 Ahhh...Pots is made of a very high quality, UV protected landscape fabric.

This fabric is porous, so it allows air to circulate through the pot, creating

            an oxygen rich environment for a stronger root systen and healthier plants.         

                      These pots are so much better than plastic or ceramic pots!  They are

                      much cooler than other types of pots, and much lighter.  All Ahhh...Pots

                      are designed with handles for easier lifting and moving plants.  The largest

      sizes of pots have four handles instead of two, so two people can easily move

                      larger plants.  All of my pots have added pieces to the top, handles, and

                      bottom, making them stronger.  All seams are re-enforced for added

             stability.  All contrasting fabric is made for outdoor use, many also UV protected.

        The best thing about Ahhh...Pots is that you can throw them, stomp on them,

       or drop them, and they won't crack or break, like plastic or ceramic pots will.



Taking care of your pots is very easy.  Simply let the pot dry out, turn it inside

                  out, and brush all the remaining soil and roots away.  Then use your hose

                  and spray them off to clean them thoroughly.  Let them dry and they're ready

                  to use again.  The only word of caution needed for these pots is to never set

                  them close to open flames, or put them in the dryer, or iron them.  The

                  pots will melt!  You should have several years use with your Ahhh...Pots.  If you

                  don't see a size or design that you like, let us know!  We will do our best 

                  to find a design, or design a pot the size that you'd like!  Custom orders are 

                  always welcome here! 



The great news about Ahhh...Pots is that you can plant virtually anything

                      in them!  Annuals, perennials, tropical plants, trees, and even vegetables!

                      Imagine planting root vegetables in them.  You could put a stop to endless

                      digging!  Potatoes would be contained in the pot, therefore, all you'd need

                      is a hand rake to get to them.  Imagine a designer Ahhh...Pot filled with

                      your favorite annuals, creating a lovely mixed arrangement of flowers

                      that will last throughout spring and summer!  The design on the pot would

                      really add to the beauty of the flowers!  Another good point about the pots

                      is, it's next to impossible for weeds to grow up through the bottom of the

                      pots.  These pots can be used both inside and out!  Simply use a plastic

                      saucer or plate under them inside to protect your furniture and flooring.

                      Outside they will dress up your deck or porch nicely, or simply set them

                      on the ground.  It is strongly encouraged to use saucers or plastic sheeting

                      under your pots on concrete or wood decks or porches.  They may stain

                      these areas.  Why don't you check out our pots and give them a try?

                      We're sure you'll be very happy with the results you'll get using Ahhh...Pots!