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I'm so excited to tell you that Allen Pearson, a great photographer has tried Ahhh...Pots, and he has written a very nice article on the pots.  Check it out.  <<

I have had two very exciting opportunities come my way with my pots.  Author Bob Walsh invited me to be a guest blogger on his blog, How to Grow Plumeria -Orchids - Tropical Plants and Vegetables!  He did a beautiful job on the blog article!  Check it out.


I've also shared my pots with author, Kylee Baumle, and she has written a wonderful review on them!   She is even having a giveaway featuring one of my 3 gallon pots!  The winner picks their choice of color and design.  You can enter to win the pot of your choice until midnight EST on July 3, 2013.  This giveaway is only open to the lower 48 states.  See what Kylee has to say about my Ahhh...Pots!


Did you know that Ahhh...Pots are eco-friendly pots?  They are made of strong, porous, UV protected fabric that allows air to flow through the pots, creating an oxygen rich environment for healthier, stronger plants.  These pots are also much cooler than plastic or ceramic pots.  They don't retain water, which can eventually kill your plants.  They can be re-used over and over, and are very easy to clean up between uses.  Another great feature is that they won't crack or break like plastic and ceramic pots will do, and they fold flat for easier storage!  The pots can be used inside and out.  Simply place a plastic saucer under your pot just like other pots you use.  The best feature of Ahhh...Pots is that they all have handles for much easier lifting and moving plants.  You can plant anything in these pots...annuals, perennials, tropical plants, and even veggies!  If you don't see a size that you'd like to have, just let us know.  We'd be very happy to create a pot that will fit your needs!

What people are saying.

Pat F. writes:  I rec'd my order from Rene today & I can't wait to try them out. thanks so much for the "bonus" pot!   The quality of the workmanship (I should say "workwomanship") is fantastic. I'll take photos when I pot up some plants...(I use a lot of decorative cache pots on my deck & I think these will work so much better than the hard plastic...-- (tough to find the exact right size hard plastic pots to fit inside the decorative pots..
thanks again!


David M. writes:  Rene's pots came today were left on my porch, my wife found it. Thanks for the extra one I will post some photos when I repot some. They look great!


Sheree H. writes:  I got my pots - yea!!! THANK YOU!! And thank you for the extra pot! They all look wonderful, and I will start using them immediately. I will send pictures when I have a couple potted up.



Scott L. writes:  I got your pots, they are AWESOME. WOW... Very impressively made too. I was taking them out of the box and thinking they were amazing!!! Seriously. Dang girl.



Paulette M. writes:  I have many Ahhh...Pots now, plus 2 flower pouches, and I love them!  Everything I plant in them thrives so much better than any other types of pots I've used before.  The handles on the pots makes moving them so much easier!  I have to say I highly recommend them!  They are the best thing I've found for my plants!


Coleen S. writes: I soooooo love my pots! Plan on getting more once I get more plumerias! I'm

Ron L. writes:  Hey Rene' good to talk with you again , "my plants seem to love your pots. They can breath and they like it. Also they go through water faster and that allows me to monitor  my feeding better. I've got a  big guy that needs a new pot so of course I thought of you."
Ron L. writes: 
I was fortunate enough to be one of Rene's first custormers. She is a wonderful
person to deal with and the pots are awsome. They are both beautiful and
practical. You can't go wrong here~~~

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